Weeknight Leaf Forging

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Commissioned by Carriageworks and Mirvac : A New Public Artwork is coming to South Eveleigh

Come and forge a steel gum leaf or two to be added to the bodies of the Tree House.

Nell and Cave Urban will be there to introduce the concept and design of the Tree House and provide information about further participation. Attendees will be able to stamp their initials on the back of one of their hand-made leaves, which will be permanently installed as part of the public artwork.

The staff from Eveleigh works will run you through the process of forging, shaping and finishing gum leaves that will be incorporated in the tree house as a lasting contribution to South Eveleigh.

Nell and Cave Urban’s Tree House provides a new destination and place of contemplation on Eveleigh Green. Referencing the history and character of the Eveleigh railway area in its design and materials, it also embodies a personal connection to the site for the artist, whose Great-grandfather worked as a boilermaker at Eveleigh from 1931-1952.


The anthropomorphic structures each have a face, spirit, and personality; people will come to know and relate to these face-places. Directly referencing the Bays of the ATP, the forms look as though they have come alive, stood up on their steel legs and walked over to the Eveleigh Green, becoming slowly entwined with their more natural environment over time. The bodies of the Tree House are made from forged steel gum leaves, which take their form directly from the trees they inhabit.

Please note- If you are attending you must be there at the appointed time so that you can be inducted into the workshop and receive instruction on how to create your leaves.

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What you will learn
  • Forging leaves for a community project
  • Initiation into blacksmithing and workshop techniques
What you will get
  • All materials provided
  • Safety gear: leather blacksmithing aprons, eye protection and ear plugs
  • Lunch is provided

What to bring
  • Water bottle, it's thirsty work!
What to wear

Please wear clothing appropriate for a workshop. This includes long pants and sleeves preferably natural fibre, solid shoes/boots

Appropriate for

Beginners and practicing smiths

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29 March 2019 • Weeknight Leaf Forging

The Eveleigh Treehouse is an amazing project a brilliant introduction to blacksmithing through the leaf forging sessions. I had been keen to try out blacksmithing for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. Matt showed everyone step by step how to go about it and made sure we all went about our task safely. Great bunch of people and a fun atmosphere.


27 March 2019 • Weeknight Leaf Forging

An amazing, welcoming and rewarding experience!


05 March 2019 • Weeknight Leaf Forging

Great to be a small part of this project - lots of steel leaves required, and to see the frames for these sculptures coming together shows what great progress is being made. Thoroughly enjoying my time.

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