Introduction to Power Hammers

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The advent of Pneumatic Power Hammers in the 19th century freed blacksmiths up from having a partner to do any forge work – it meant that a blacksmith could shape steel faster and with more precision. Being able to forge with a Power Hammer opens up a world of experimentation, allowing the blacksmith to create large scale works of greater complexity. 

Learn how to forge like the pro’s. Whether it’s a forged iron gate, tooling, sculptures or furniture, learn how to confidently use a Power Hammer to shape and manipulate steel to make objects of beauty and permanence. Students will learn a range of techniques on two Anyang 25kg Power Hammers and get a feel for the most widely used brand of modern Power Hammers. 

This class is for people who have prior experience in forging, who have either completed a class with us and feel confident in hand-forging, or who have their own Power Hammer and wish to build on their existing skills. 

To use our Power Hammers in a self-directed Workshop Passport session students must complete this course.

The Introduction to Power Hammers course is sponsored by Anyang Australia.

Techniques covered

  • Breaking down stock

  • Top and bottom tools

  • Power Hammer safety

  • Drawing Out: Parallel sections, tapers and reverse tapers

  • Upsetting: Increasing the diameter of a section

  • Dies and top and bottom tools: Multi person power-hammer work

You will get

  • All materials provided

  • Day one project: Podge Bar

  • Day two project: Round Back Pad

Appropriate for

  • People with prior forging experience and who feel confident forging
  • People who own a Power Hammer and want to improve their skills

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What you will learn
  • A range of techniques to manipulate steel using a Power Hammer
  • Power Hammer tooling
  • Safe use of a Power Hammer
What you will get
  • Confident and

What to bring
  • All materials included
What to wear

Please wear clothing appropriate for a workshop. This includes long pants and sleeves preferably natural fibre, solid shoes/boots.

Appropriate for

People with prior forging experience and who feel confident forging. People who own a Power Hammer and want to improve their skills

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23 May 2018 • Introduction to Power Hammers

Coarse was post-poned


07 November 2017 • Introduction to Power Hammers

Great course - not just for those who own a power hammer or plan to own one, this course taught me a lot about how steel moves which I can apply to all forging. And with an Eveleigh Passport I can now use the power hammers at Eveleigh for my own projects.